PCB Assembly Services - Screaming Circuits: Screaming Circuits introduces new Cordwood assembly service!


Screaming Circuits introduces new Cordwood assembly service!

Tired of all those small parts? Can't figure out how to route traces to all 1,900 balls on that hot new FPGA? If 0201 passives have you running scared and the thought of 0.3mm pitch parts has you on the floor, Screaming Circuits has the answer.

Take a few steps back and use our new Screaming CordwoodTM assembly process. It'll feel good to put your hands on a honk'n 2-Watt, through-hole resistor again. No need for fancy, multi-headed SMT assembly robots with Screaming Cordwood. No need for precision anymore. Just put those parts a quarter inch apart and you'll be suckin amps just like the good old days. And if you don't think it's high-tech enough; consider that Cordwood construction has taken man to the moon and back. You can't say that about surface mount!


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Just sell it as the latest in 3D circuit construction, and it'll fit right in!

Solder's a passing fad. It'll never last. We use Elmer's glue unless we have more than three slayers, then Duck Tape.

I hope that you are offering the higher-quality spotwelding process! Everybody's trying to push us to this 'solder' business, but I'm suspicious that the joints will soften or fatigue in my high-temp, high-vibe environment. It's getting harder and harder to find a vendor willing to go the extra mile for reliability these days.

Wow, now way! How many "stories" can you do with this technology? Can I have, lets say 4 stories of components sandwhiched between 5 PCBs?

Our mil-aero customers are always asking for higher density and integration. This could be very useful for us.


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