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ESC / Design West 2012

0327121200aIt's day one here at the show. It's still mostly called ESC but they've included a number of other shows under the name Design West.

I haven't had a lot of time to run around yet, but I have run into two robots. The first one, over at the Intel booth, is based on an ATOM embedded motherboard and a Microsoft Kinect. I stopped to take a picture and it rolled over to visit. It tried to follow me when I left, but it's owner caught it before it got too far away. It's driven by an 0327121234open source software suite and targeted at university programs. I didn't have time to get the details, but if you're here at the show, drop over and check it out. Just walk fast or it might try to tag along behind you

The second robot was at Ti. It didn't follow me, but it did balance on two wheels for me.

Duane Benson
I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords


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We at ADB Consulting can upgrade a client's manufacturing equipment with new PLC controls and software. Alternatively, we can troubleshoot existing PLC-related problems. Our PLC design methods decrease production costs, increase product quality, improve productivity, and increase manufacturing flexibility.

ESC is the ideal venue for the design engineering community to learn, collaborate and recognize excellence. In addition, ESC Silicon Valley celebrates decades of unique local electronics industry culture, innovation and significant contributions to the global technology industry.

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