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Particle Update

I've been ignoring my Geiger counter for a while now, but I picked it back up and made some progress again. For some reason, I just wasn't getting the 555 based HV power supply to generate a high enough voltage. In frustration, I bypassed the 555 and fed a PWM signal in from a microcontroller board that PIC SMT geigerI have laying around.

That fixed the problem. I still don't know why I wasn't able to the the 555 doing what it was supposed to do. I'll have to spend some more time on that some other day, but for now, I've prototyped it out and I'm happily detecting particles. I whipped out the new layout and will send off to Sunstone.com com for another set of PCBs.

I've also replaced the Atmel chip with a PIC. I don't have anything against Atmel. I'm just more familiar with PICs. Once I've built a few of these, I'll change to really small packages - QFNs or BGAs for the chips - to make the board a little more fitting with our assembly capabilities. The SOIC chips are fine, but our machines don't even come close to breaking a sweat with things that big.

Duane Benson
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I've got a working re-design and have the PCBs out for fab at the moment. I'll write an update post sometime after they come in.

I've been following the development of your Geiger Counter with interest!
Soon there may be a opportunity to put it to use! The flotilla of debris from Japan's tsunami will shortly be arriving on the Washington/Oregon coast.
It would be interesting to walk the beaches watching for "Hot" spots.

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