Screaming Circuits: November 2011


Zzzzzzzap!!! Static be Bad

Engineers these days have so many issues to worry about just in component handling alone: Do my parts need baking to get the moisture out before reflow soldering? Are my parts in stock? Are my parts real or are they... Read more

Thanksgiving - Real or Manufactured?

A decade or so ago, PC (political correctness) was the phenomena of the day. People talked about it. People implemented it. People balked at it. The end result was good, but the period was kind of a mess as some... Read more

Thru-Hole Parts

Screaming Circuits uses machines to place surface mount parts; even if it's just one board. Thru-hole are a different story though. Way back in the cobweby section of the building, we do have a thru-hole part sequencing and insertion machine.... Read more

QFN Stencil Gerber

In the previous epside, Wally’s attack on Dilbert’s kingdom prompts Ratbert to perfect an “N”-Ray, to be discharged from a powerful Nullitrion, to neutralize and render useless Wally’s power plant. Dilbert tells Dogbert the Nullitrion can best be directed against... Read more

40 Years of 4004

I'm assuming eight pages excerpted out of 142 qualifies as fair use. I had forgotten that I had this thing buried in a box in my garage. I have a lot of old junk hidden in boxes out there, but... Read more

Major Major and Standard Standard

We ask for your bill of materials, Gerber and centroid files to assemble your pcbs. All of those pieces of information are necessary to properly program our machines to place your parts. That's pretty standard stuff, but did you know... Read more

QFN Custom Stencil Layer in Eagle

It's been said over and over that you don't want to leave the solder paste opening wide open for a QFN center pad. 50 - 75% paste coverage will get you bets results. With full coverage, your QFN can end... Read more

Happy binary Veteran’s Day - 11/11/11

010010000110000101110000011100000111100100100000 010101100110010101110100011001010111001001100001 011011100010011101110011001000000100010001100001 011110010010111000100000010100100110010101101101 011001010110110101100010011001010111001000100000 011000010110111001100100001000000110100001101111 011011100110111101110010001000000111010001101000 011001010010000001100110011000010110110001101100 011001010110111000101110001000000101001001100101 011011010110010101101101011000100110010101110010 001000000110000101101110011001000010000001101000 011011110110111001101111011100100010000001110100 011010000110010100100000011011000110100101110110 01101001011011100110011100101110 Read more

Thru-hole to SMT

Thanks to a comment from Michael yesterday, I think everything is now cool with my Geiger counter. I had left the AT2313 default fuse setting at clock/8. That dropped the RS232 speed from 9600 to 1200 and it made the... Read more

Geiger Counter without the Muller?

My Geiger counter project has been on holiday for a while. When I originally ordered all of the parts, I ordered fuse clips (to hold the tube) with solder lugs too big to fit in the holes and a trim... Read more

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