Screaming Circuits: October 2011


BGA pads with Vias

BGA pads with Vias
No. This isn't a closeup of an owl face. There is still some debate on how best to create a land pattern for a 0.4mm pitch BGA. We recommend soldermask defined pads at that pitch. But that's not really what... Read more

Speaking of Small Packages...

Speaking of Small Packages...
T'was a a dark and stormy night when the news came through. Joe Layout had been both dreading and preparing for years. But it had always been little more than rhumors from a far off land. It was a looming... Read more

Open Source. What is it Good For?

I've written about open source hardware (OSHW) a few times before. Like this and this. I've understood open source software for quite some time and over the last few years have been starting to get what open source hardware is... Read more

Reference Designators

A while back, I wrote about reference designators relative to family panels. Family panels can cause problems because often times, each individual circuit layout will have reference designators that start at the same place. For example, circuit A, down in... Read more

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