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More Geigering

SMT Geiger 2nd I didn't get back to this at the same bat channel and same bat time. Sorry if anyone tuned in and found the Penguin instead. I think I'm ready now though. I did a bit more layout tweaking, moved the MCU bypass cap closer to the supply pins and added in a MAX3232 so that I won't need an external driver / transceiver board if I want data on my PC.

I'm calling it done. I have my gerbers in a .ZIP file, my centroid and the completed BOM . Next step is to get some PCBs fabbed up. I'm trying out the ValueProto service from our partner, Sunstone Circuits. As I said before, if, after assembly, this design actually works and counts Geigers, I'll post all of the design files as needs to be done with Open Source hardware.

Here we are at ValueProto. The PCB is 4" x 2.7". I'm not going to do a quick build and my zip is 97013. $57.40 for one. $34.90 each in quantity ten. That's all the questions I need to answer. I upload my .ZIP file, check a few boxes and the order is now placed. Next, I'll get some parts, kit it up and send it through Screaming Circuits. The NOS Soviet Geiger Mueller tube is one the way from the Ukraine.

I'm not sure what I'll use as a radiation source to test it out with once it's built. I hadn't really thought that far ahead. I'll have to come up with something.

If you're going to be at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston next month (September 27, 28), we'll be there in booth 615, across the isle from Element14. Stop in and take a look at it. While you're there, ask for fabulous prizes and gifts. We have a smattering of Screaming Circuits shirts and flashlights for the asking.

Duane Benson
No baked beans, please


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I just got the assembled boards back from our shop. I still have to power it up and see if it works. If it does, I'll post all of the information someplace handy.

I'd like a fun new toy! How's the geiger zip file coming? Please include ordering info for the Ukraine NOS Soviet geiger mueller tube! Made any guestimates of parts cost? Looks like a fun project. Thanks for sharing your experience with it.

Duane, try propane lantern mantles for radiation source.

Cool. Thanks. I have the page bookmarked for when I get mine built up. I'm really curious to eventually take it around the former Trojan Nuclear plant site (Oregon) and see if anything turns up.

Here's some discussion on Slashdot about testing a Geiger Counter:

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