Screaming Circuits: March 2011


Which Surface is Best?

RoHS has been in effect since, when, 2006? Pretty close to five years now. It's been around long enough that there's even talk of follow-on legislation. All of the PCB fab houses have pretty much figured out how to deal... Read more

Something Free at ESC

My post title rhymes. I'm a poet and don't even know it. So, what about that free thing at ESC? And is there a catch? Of course there's a catch. There's always a catch. This is a good catch though.... Read more

That Final Check...

That Final Check...
I'm not talking about the final check that you get from an employer laying you off due to outsourcing. That's a bummer of a final check. The final check I'm talking about is a good thing. It always pays to... Read more

Virtual Questions

Here's a question I received during my Virtual-PCB chat session back on March 8th.: From Jack: "Here's my default question (as a designer), what is your biggest headache from designers?" My answer: "Probably the most common difficulty has to do... Read more

Bouncing BGAs

I dropped my cell phone on the pavement the other day. That's bad enough, but in my instinctive attempt to catch it, I actually hit it and increased it's downward velocity. Luckily, everything still works. The odd thing is that... Read more

Who's Right?

Jack commented on my prior post, An Unanswered Question. His point was that instead of just saying "check with the manufacturer's datasheet", like I so often suggest when talking about land patterns, I should give more credit to the IPC... Read more

An Unanswered Question

An Unanswered Question
I've been reading through my Virtual-PCB chat session transcript from yesterday. It was a fun session and I have a much better idea of how the virtual shows work now. I think I may just be getting it. The chat... Read more


Drop by Virtual-PCB on Tuesday, March 8, 2011, to join into my group moderated chat session: "DFM: From the Assembler's Perspective." Registration is free. The session is accessible by logging on to and selecting my chat room from the... Read more

Screaming Circuits Needs Help

Yes, we need help. We're growing and need to add to our web development team. We have an entry level opportunity for someone ready to get started on their software engineering career. We won't be providing for any relocation, so... Read more

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