Screaming Circuits: December 2010


Hand To Machine

It's getting very difficult to hand solder many parts these days. Some people give it a try, but in general, if you're dealing with the really tiny parts or leadless parts, it's just not possible, or at least not practical.... Read more

0.4mm Pitch BGA Redux

I've written about it before, and again here. When dealing with new technology parts, it's really important to look up all of the manufacturer's component information that is available. I'm going to quote from the Texas Instruments document "PCB Design... Read more

Et Tu Embedded Passives

I don't know if or when embedded passives will become the "next big thing" in PCB design, but they are on the way. We, at Screaming Circuits, have been asked about the use of embedded passives a few times. The... Read more

On Final For Landing on Runway 0805

Keep out areas can be a problem when adapting a CAD component land pattern, but that's not the only potential problem. Sometimes the part may be close, but the footprint is different enough to cause problems, as in the picture... Read more

Keep Out and Keep Off the Grass

The part land patterns in your CAD package parts library should all come with a valid keep-out area defined. That's the theory anyway. However, theory and practice don't always match up so well. I've written a lot about such things... Read more

Via Caps

The best way of dealing with via-in-pad requirements is to have the vias filled and plated over at the board house. There can still be some issues with that technique, but if done right, is very reliable and the best... Read more

I'm a capitalist and I'm okay...

I'm a capitalist and I'm okay I work all night and I sleep all day Well, I don't work all night so much anymore. I used to. I am a capitalist though. I think money is good (what some people... Read more

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