Screaming Circuits: July 2010


Lots Of Things Can Be Fixed

I recently posted a bit of a bad OSP board with the conclusion that it was only worthy of scrap. Over on the Circuits Assembly blog, Mike commented that if the board was expensive enough, he'd rework it and make... Read more

0.4mm Pitch BGAs - Staggered?

I wrote not long ago and not far, far away about the type of pad recommended for 0.4mm pitch BGAs, as in non-soldermask defined vs. soldermask defined (NSMD vs SMD). The wisdom being that with the pads being so close... Read more

And What Is Wrong Is...

Quick. If you haven't had your chance to answer the question, go back and read it first. Done? Okay. #1. This is an OSP (Organic Surface preservative) finished PCB. That in itself isn't a problem. However, take notice of the... Read more

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Questions for the day: What are we looking at here? (Come on, you can be more specific than that) What's wrong with it? Where are we going? When? And... will it work? Or is it just scrap? Stay tuned. Answers... Read more

How Fast Is Fast? I Mean, Really?

We talk a lot about speed here at Screaming Circuits. Back in 2003, one of the main reasons our parent company started us up was because their customers were telling them that they needed prototypes faster. So, I know that... Read more

It's Not Just Planes and Passives

Planes can cause problems with passives, but it's not just planes. Uneven traces - a big one on one side and a little one on the other side - can cause just about as many problems too. The scenario in... Read more

Reminders and Stress

Yesterday, I wrote about how much faster we can get things done in the prototype world than we could back when many of us were starting our careers. I mentioned that the decrease in time from weeks to days needed... Read more

Reminders are Good Sometimes

I was just recently reading an article on another website that caused me to reflect a bit on where we've been and how far we've come in this industry. The article covered a design engineer's experience with modding a board... Read more

Passive Problems

Here's a common scenario: You have an array of small components. Maybe some SOT23 transistors or a set of LEDs. On one side, you have wires and chips and stuff hooked up all over the place. On the other side,... Read more

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