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Don't Do It

Friends don't let friends wire-wrap.

Quit with the wire-wrap already.
Do people still do this? Do you still do this? When's the last time you did some wire-wrap?

Digi-Key still sells an assortment of wire-wrap wire and wrapping tools, including the simple little hand tool that I own priced at - holy mackerel! - for $34.35! I should sell mine on ebay. Somebody must still be doing this if they've got such a nice selection. Amazing.

Duane Benson
Who wants spaghetti?


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Back in the mid-80's I maintained a 96 channel digital recorder... while the ADC boards were pcb's, pretty much everything else was wirewrap. Now, to make it interesting, this was a seismic recorder which was exposed to really nasty environments... not as bad as bore hole gear, but non the less, intense. Short of adc drift, the thing was incredibly reliable.

I haven't wire wrapped in a long time, but you got to admit, done right, it's a thing of beauty.

Today's components, that can be had at a reasonable price, demand that you have access to an assembly house to make even one piece of your design come to life. Screaming Circuits is the next best thing to having an assembly house in you back pocket!


People do still wirewrap...


Ha! I was just about to link to Steve's Big Mess O' Wires!

I think wire-wrap is still one of the best ways to quickly prototype something up.

Nowadays PCBs are so cheap I do almost everything as a PCB, though.

Steve - That is simply amazing! Very nice.

Wire wrap, YES! Last year I built this custom CPU, entirely wire-wrapped: http://www.stevechamberlin.com/cpu/2009/02/02/wire-wrap-photos/

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