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What is it?

What Misc components on boardsWhat is this and what does it have to do with PCBs?

As you ponder that question, if you care to ponder that question, keep in mind that I have at my disposal, not just the work of my company, Screaming Circuits, but I have the entire Internets to draw from and the Internets have photos from all of the history of electronics. So, this photo might actually not relate directly to via-in-pad or small component tombstoning.

There will be no prize for the correct answers, but you will likely get at least 3.2 picoseconds of fame if you post your answer as a comment here. And while a picosecond may not seem like much, if you could save picoseconds in a leyden jar, and then do the same over and over again, you could eventually end up with a usable duration.

Duane Benson
To have enough time
to do the things you want to do
you just need a fast enough internal clock speed


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It looks to me like a macro photo of carpet -- as for what that has to do with PCBs, I have no idea.

Discarded wire-wraps? I have no idea.

Glass fibers? To be embedded into the board substrate?

That might also explain the fabric weave. Not sure why they're all different colors, though.

My first thought was core memory but it really just looks like fabric..

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