Screaming Circuits: November 2009


Microcontroller In The Middle

I've written about Open Source hardware before, such as the beagleboard and Arduino. Those are both great options for folks needing to get moving on embedded microcontroller development. The Arduino is pretty low-end and the Beagleboard is pretty high-end. I... Read more

Speaking of Art in the Process

I really like this picture. It's nothing particularly special. Just a BGA-type attachment point of load (POL) power module in the middle of a big PCB, but the contrasting colors, the angle, the range of focus, the component positioning... It... Read more

Via-In-Pad - Let It Slide???

No. Sometimes, you can get by with vias in your pads. Sometimes, but not very often. I wrote about this a while back here. The thing is, I was talking about big pads - like QFN or QFP thermal pads... Read more

And, Another Thing...

I got a couple of pretty thorough comments on my copper pour post over in the Circuits Assembly blog where it's also posted. David le Comte wrote: "...On two layer boards (with 5V CMOS logic in particular) it is very... Read more

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