Screaming Circuits: November 2009


My mbed Is Up

I wrote about the new mbed development board a while back and mine just arrived over the holiday weekend. I have to say, true to it's promise, It was the easiest piece of development hardware that I've ever brought up:... Read more

Top Ten Electronic Things To Be Thankful For in 2009

It's that time of year again when we take stock of what's good in our little worlds. Since I'm writing this on my work blog, I'll keep my top ten items focused on work-related thingys. Number 10: Allocation!? Well, maybe.... Read more

What it is...

Dan got it. As for what it has to do with PCBs, well, not a whole lot except that my desk was all messy that day so I was using the carpet as a backdrop to photograph a pc board.... Read more

Tented QFN/QFP Via in pad

Here's a pretty decent example of mask-tented vias in the thermal pad of a QFP. Most manufacturers recommend no more then 100 - 125 um wider than the via to minimize voiding and thermal insulation in cases like this. This... Read more

What is it?

What is this and what does it have to do with PCBs? As you ponder that question, if you care to ponder that question, keep in mind that I have at my disposal, not just the work of my company,... Read more

Pin BGA Interconnects

My post "Speaking of Art in the Process" used a photo of a point of load power module as an example. The specifics aren't really relevant to this post though, but a commenter by the name of "Me" asked what... Read more

QFN Land Pattern Mix-Up

Another QFN oopsie here. The QFN looks good and the stencil cut-outs look good. The mask, though, as shown in the middle, is not good. In general, you shouldn't put mask on the QFN land pad except to cover up... Read more

Solder Paste Stencil Opening

Here's a case of "close, but no cigar" with the stencil opening. The pads are, in fact, covered by the openings, but as you can see, the openings are too big. This stencil would end up laying way too much... Read more

More On Allocation

Not long ago, I wrote a bit about allocation and parts substitution issues. Once again, I can't stress enough that if you're in a hurry, you need to be prepared with some subs ahead of time. Especially with the don't-think-about-them... Read more

Friday The 13th

I'm always writing about stuff that goes wrong (and, hopefully doing a decent job of describing how to avoid such problems). But here it is, Friday the 13th - the traditional bad day of bad days. Break a mirror and... Read more

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