Screaming Circuits: October 2009


That Dreaded Word "Allocation"

Here at the old Screaming Circuits homestead, we have a strict policy about parts substitution. We won't do it unless you have approved the sub. If you ask us, we'll look around for something close, but we'll still get your... Read more

Pour Or Not - Just What Is My Opinion?

I posed a question about using copper pours (AKA flood) a not long ago. The premise was a simple microcontroller board with a 20MHz clock and no special requirements. I had a couple of different comments on the post with... Read more

Getting on My Via-In-Pad Soapbox Again

There's never enough time. There's never enough money. There's never enough room. I certainly say those things often enough, and sometimes it's actually true. But other times, I'm just not looking in the right places. Here's a board that is... Read more

Diode Silk Screen Markings

It still happens. In fact, it just happened last night. We had a PCB with plus (+) mark to indicate the polarity of a diode. Unfortunately, that doesn't tell us which way to put the diode. (Read why here). You... Read more

Hmmm. Black Pad Does Happen On Other Parts Too.

Well, lookie here. Just the other day, I wrote about black pad happening on gull-wing parts . I also wrote a while back about the footprint on gull-wing parts - the fillet under the part is even more important to... Read more

A Part Without a Footprint. Very Sad

Poor little trim pot. All it wants is a nice cozy little place to put it's feet. It can see it, so close, yet not close enough. Bummer. This sad state of affairs, could, of course had been easily prevented... Read more

To Pour, Or Not To Pour. That Is The Question

I know there are plenty of times when a copper-pour ground or power plane is a good idea, sometimes even a requirement. But, is it always so? Take a simple embedded microcontroller board. It has a 20MHz clock speed. Nothing... Read more

A New Place To Find Screaming Circuits PCB Assembly

Screaming Circuits and Sunstone Circuits have partnered for board fab and assembly for many years and now, we've made things easier for our common customers. You can order Screaming Circuits Assembly at Sunstone while your order your board fab. Just... Read more

Bummer. Holes Too Small

Here's another all too-familiar story. The big, honking pin needs to go into that little tiny plated-through hole. I don't think it's going to work. It looks like there's excess solder in the hole, but even still, it wouldn't be... Read more

Tradeshow Bowling

Last week, I went to the SMTA show to give a talk on ways to get more out of your resources in tough times. The talk went well, but I walked the show floor and was really surprised at how... Read more

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