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A Part Without a Footprint. Very Sad

Trim pot wrong footprintPoor little trim pot. All it wants is a nice cozy little place to put it's feet. It can see it, so close, yet not close enough. Bummer. This sad state of affairs, could, of course had been easily prevented by double checking to match up the CAD footprint and the actual part footprint.

Maybe we could dead-bug this. Just put some glue under it and hand wire some wire-wrap wire between the legs and the pads. Nah. Probably not. Better to get a new form-factor part. The wire-wrap wire thingy would work though. People do that sometimes and in many prototype situations, it will work just fine. If I remember correctly, though, this one was to be used in a shockey (as in  bumps, not coulombs) environment.

Speaking of wire-wrap, does anybody still do that? I know the wire is still around. It has lot's of good uses beyond it's original purpose, but I'm not sure anyone still does wire-wrap. It's never been my favorite prototyping technique, but I've always thought it's one of the coolest looking methods, at least when the wire is routed with care. A nightmare to debug though.

Duane Benson
Which wire?
The blue one...


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In a prototype situation (even a high-vibration env) I would glue the part down & jumper over to the pads. But for production, no way.

Regarding wire wrapping, haven't done it in 25 years, and wouldn't go back. I'd sooner home-etch a simple board & solder the parts down if I needed same-day functionality.

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