Screaming Circuits: September 2009


ESC Booth 909

Hi all - especially all of you in the Northeast. Just a reminder that we're in booth 909 at the Embedded Systems Conference next week. Stop by and see the workmanship on the Beagleboards that we built and chat about... Read more

A Few More Via In Pad No-no's

This first footprint will result in a minimal connection at best on the pad on the left. The via takes up nearly the whole thing so the pad barely has any metal and the open via will suck the solder... Read more

Three Years And Posting!

Hey - I just realized that today is the three-year anniversary of the Screaming Circuits blog. Cool. This is post number 311, so that's just over 100 yer year. Three years really isn't that long in the grand scheme of... Read more

ESC Show is Near

The Embedded Systems Conference is almost here again. We'll be in booth 909 next Tuesday and Wednesday. Drop by and say "hi." See what we're up to and enter to try and win our contest. You can also take a... Read more

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to Via I go

Here's just another via in pad story. In the first example (the green one), all those open vias are like 15 miles wide - okay, drop the "e", but they're really wide. You can't quite drive a truck through them,... Read more

Package on Package Layout

Last week in one of my Beagleboard posts, I was musing on the issues related to layout with a package-on-package form factor. I pondered a couple of options, but Occam's Razor held true. Gerald Coley, the designer of the BeagleBoard... Read more

Parts Substitution Woes

I've written a bit about parts substitution before and how it a simple sub can either not matter or cause a board to go up in smoke. Here's a case where the component was 100% electrically okay to be put... Read more

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