Screaming Circuits: September 2009


Top Ten Reasons Electronics is Like The Flu

Frequently when I go to a tradeshow, I come back with a cold virus. I was bound and determined not to with this last trip to ESC, and I almost did or mostly did. I got back home last Wednesday... Read more

BGA Underfill Alternative

Back when RoHS was just an idea, one of the big concerns was the fear of mechanical reliability with lead-free BGAs. A lot of study went into the solder mixes and it's now history, but there is still some concern.... Read more

Musings on Open Source Hardware

I've written a bit about open source hardware before, mostly in reference to the Beagleboard. I'm pretty sold on the concept, myself. But, while open source has become a household concept in the software world, it's still fairly new to... Read more

More Thoughts on Education

This is a follow-up post to one I wrote yesterday about education and new chip technologies. Well, the whole post wasn't about that. But part of it was. On the flight home, after I wrote the post, I sat next... Read more

Over, But Not Out

Well, not out yet. I hope I'll be out when I take to the skies soon. Out sleeping anyway. Not out on the wing. Brrrr. I am out of the show and occupying space in a mostly empty airport terminal.... Read more

ECOsystem at ESC

Traditionally, speakers and vendors spend time at the Embedded Systems Conference educating design engineers on new chips, new techniques and difficult design challenges. Left out all too often, though, is the end-game - bringing it all home - packaging it... Read more

Grape Power from Ti

Here at the show, we ended up next to Texas Instruments and I spent some time talking with Adrian, their Product Marketing Engineer for the MSP430 ultra low-power MCU. He brought over one of his demo boards which has to... Read more

H1N1 in Microcode

It's opening day here at the Embedded Systems Conference, Boston, 2009. For those of you that stop by our booth, we have a number of things to offer: You can learn about our pcb assembly services, you can enter to... Read more

At the ESC Show

From the ESC show floor... Actually, set up is done already. It went pretty quick this year which makes me question my sanity in choosing to leave Portland late Sunday night on the overnight flight. Still, I'm paranoid that if... Read more

Layout 101 in 1989

I just noticed a twitter tweet about my most recent via-in-pad post: "I could understand this if it was 1989, but egads, thats layout 101 @pcbassembly A Few More Via In Pad No-no's", from mnphysicist. I tend to agree... Read more

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