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ESC Booth 909

Hi all - especially all of you in the Northeast. Just a reminder that we're in booth 909 at the Embedded Systems Conference next week. Stop by and see the workmanship on the Beagleboards that we built and chat about what we can do to help you with your prototype and short-run production needs. We'll also have a representative from our Design Engineering Group on hand in case you need design help.

Enter to win one of our daily contests - each day we're giving away Up to $2000.00 in assembly labor. All you have to do is stop by our booth and let us zap your card. As long as you don't have a mini Faraday cage around it, that should enter you into the contest. We'll notify the winners by email and announce them here on the blog after I get back to the West Coast.

BB we built powered on cropped I'm not a Linux expert - my embedded programming is pretty much limited to 8-bit micro programming - so we don't have anything cool running on the Beagleboard we built. I did manage to get a distro up and running but all it will do is just show you that it works. I'm using the Angstrom image that the Beagleboard folks have for download. I had purchased an already set up SD card with Angstrom on it, but I messed up the boot parameters or something trying to get WiFi working and couldn't make that SD card boot anymore. I thought it would be cool to show the Screaming Circuits website on the Beagleboard, but I gave up on WiFi after that. The hardware works. That's what counts. Right?

We'll also have one to hand around and look at so you can examine our package on package and .4mm pitch BGA workmanship up close and personal.

See you all (well, some of you) there on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Duane Benson
Can someone bring me a Brat from Jacob Wirth?
My dad says they're really good and I won't have a chance to go there


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