Screaming Circuits: August 2009


Open Source Hardware

The open source movement has been a pretty big factor in the software world for many, many years but it just now seems to be rearing it's head (why do we say "rearing it's head". Shouldn't we say "fronting it's... Read more

Vias under Power Transistors

Normally, a power component like this would have a big pad and some heat dissipation space under the heat slug. It might even have thermal vias going to another heat pad on the back side of the board. If it's... Read more

OMAP3530 Package on Package Layout

If you've read my prior post, you know that we've built up some package on package (POP) boards. We built up some test boards with dummy components and some working Beagleboards. For the Beagles, we didn't do any of the... Read more

Beagleboard and Package on Package Assembly

So, what's the big deal about the Beagleboard and us building it? If you aren't familiar with it, check out for all the details. In short, it's an open source hardware design development board / embedded system utilizing the... Read more

Gold Fever

We call it Gold Fever. It's when you've got a hankerin to have a nice flat surface to put that BGA on and the lust for that precious metallic surface turns into an obsession. It's all you can think of.... Read more

Wide Load - Skinny Room

Here's another example of parts that looked like they would fit based on the outline in the CAD program. The silk screen outline printed on the board showed a cozy fit, but a fit none the less. However, in the... Read more

Oopsie in the Center Pad

Darn. This PCB don't look so good. Quick - name two things wrong with it... If you guessed that the solder mask is inverted and the vias are open, then you were right. Sorry. No points will be given for... Read more

Upcoming Maintenance = New Goodness!

On Tuesday 8/18 starting @ 3pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time, our site will be offline for a bit as we make a few upgrades. We expect to have everything back up and running by 5pm PDT or sooner. We apologize... Read more

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