Screaming Circuits: July 2009


ESC Boston Ho!

Hey, y'all - we'll be at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston on September 22 and 23rd. Find us in booth 909. Check out the show floor map here. Ask us about our new service offerings. And, stay tuned for... Read more

August Special

Let us make your job easier. You need PCBs anyway, so have us get them for you from our partner For any orders placed during the month of August, 2009, all you have to do is ask and we... Read more

RoHS, REACH Updates and PCB finishes... Too much...

I've been doing a lot of reading lately on the continued efforts to ban all metals and all materials that actually contribute to society from electronic devices. This affects pcb finishes, solder, flux, board substrates, interconnects and components, obviously, but... Read more

QFN Solder Mask Issues

Here's another QFN oopsie. Presumably, in this case, the flag pad on the QFN is needed as a heat sink and those vias are designed to conduct heat to the other side of the board. That's all good. But, with... Read more

Solder Fumes - Ugh

How funny (ironic?) is it that just about every time us human-types try to solve a problem, we create another. Artificial sweeteners are allegedly better for your teeth and waist, but they may do other things and may, in fact,... Read more

Moleish SMT Heatsinks

Well, no one ever did give me a reasonable estimation at how deep a mole of moles would cover the earth. But then, I didn't go back and dig up my old chemistry notes and see if I could find... Read more

Happy - zap - Birthday - zap - Nikola - zap - Tesla

I don't normally celebrate the birthdays of people that I haven't personally met, unless, of course, I get a day off work because of them, but I was over on the RF Cafe website this morning and they noted today... Read more

Very Compact Layout?

How do you do it? We've told you not to space things too close. We've told you not to put vias in pads - like a million times. We've told you to watch out for spurious vacuum tubes. Okay, the... Read more

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