Screaming Circuits: June 2009


Holiday Schedule

We'll be shut down for the Independence Day holiday this Friday, the 3rd, Saturday, the 4th and Sunday, the 5th. These days won't be counted toward turn-times. Enjoy the holiday! Read more

Loose Parts

I think every good engineer has a little box or two full of loose parts. You know, you take a few from a cut strip, fiddle with them, and then just never bother to put them back. It's not always... Read more

Non Solder Mask Defined pads on BGAs

The industry generally recommends NSMD (non solder mask defined) pads on BGAs and so do we. There are some exceptions though. When you get into really small ball pitch, you probably need solder mask defined pads to help prevent bridging.... Read more

Top-ten ways to get a jump on the nearing economic recovery

I have no evidence in reality if the economy is starting to get better or still has more sinking to go, but I do hear some predictions that we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course,... Read more

Ohm the Eskimo

...or, one of the best website names ever. I ran across while checking out my web traffic source statistics. First, I love the name. Second and more important, the site and blog has some cool content centered around DIY... Read more

Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility

[UPDATE: We have fixed this problem in the website. You'll notice that the little broken page button goes away on some parts of the Screaming Circuits site now. You shouldn't have any more problems. I'm going to go ahead... Read more

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