Screaming Circuits: May 2009


June Special

Hi all; It's time for our June special. Save up to $200.00 off your turn-key parts order. Send us a turn-key or partial turn-key order and we'll pay for the first $200.00 of your parts and or pcbs, up to... Read more

PCB Layout, the Screaming Circuits Way

Our mission has always been to make your job easier. First we've got our flagship Prototype Assembly service. We have our short-run production for the next step toward getting your product to market. We have our partners,, to fab... Read more

Land Patterns and Component Spacing

One of the biggest causes of challenges with assembly these days seems to be component spacing, as I wrote about here. We reference IPC spacing guidelines from time to time. Like, we'll say: "use IPC spacing guidelines" and stuff. That's... Read more

Embedded Passives

Usually when I hear talk of embedded passives, the subject is concerning resistors and capacitors created by essentially laying down specialized layers of a specific metal or resistive compound connected to traces in an inner layer. I ran across this... Read more

Keep Out Area 51

According to the glossary on the Maxim website, a "Keep-out zone/area" is defined as: "The area on or near a CPU or GPU processor that the circuit board layout design can not use, due to thermal management components, cooling, and... Read more

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!

UPDATE: It's now live! (May 5, 4:45pm) Quote your short run job online What's so important about Tuesday? Well, I'll tell you what's so important about Tuesday. We're making our website better and at 4:00 pm, Pacific Standard time, our... Read more

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