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Short-Run Parts

IC strip sm I'm so confused... My head is spinning...

Don't panic. Locate your towel and I'll do my best to explain some of it. I'll start with taped parts.

So what do we really need when we ask for parts from you? Our Short-run service asks for parts on reels, partial reels or continuous tape. The good news is that we still just need the number of parts you need for your job plus a few percent. If you need 100, just order 105. You don't need to order 5,000. We just need it in one continuous strip that's at least 12" long for short-run. (Prototype orders can still use tiny little cut strips though)

When we buy your parts for a turn-key order, we'll just order a continuous strip or parts. And we don't need leader either. It doesn't have to be on a reel. It can be though. Just ask for a reel with only the number of parts you need on it (plus 5% for spares). (0201's need 50% spares. Sorry)

DigiKey is especially good at this. You can order a "DigiReel" with a custom number of parts on it, or you can ask for a custom length cut strip. That's what we do when we buy turn-key parts for you. For our Short-Run, we do need a strip that is at least 12 inches long though. That's the only real "got'cha". (not even really much of a "got'cha" if you ask me)

Digikey strips 500

So, don't panic. Order just the parts you need (+5%) and save money with our Short-Run production.

Duane Benson
But, can we assemble from a mobius strip of parts?
Call Matt and ask him


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