Screaming Circuits: April 2009


Short-Run Parts

I'm so confused... My head is spinning... Don't panic. Locate your towel and I'll do my best to explain some of it. I'll start with taped parts. So what do we really need when we ask for parts from you?... Read more

0.4mm pitch BGA pads

At 0.5mm pitch and larger, we generally recommend non-solder mask defined (NSMD) pads for BGAs. The NSMD pad will allow for better adhesion with the solder being able to grip the sides of the copper in addition to the top... Read more

Beavers and Ducks at ESC last week

Up in Oregon, we have our rivalry between the OSU Beavers and the U of O Ducks. Everybody's got some kind of rivalry and most of the times you exhibit at a trade show, you'll end up with some competition... Read more

ESC, Day the Last

I've run across a few interesting things here this year. The best demo has to go to Freescale with their robotic air hockey player. Robots are cool in general, but when you can throw together enough processing power in a... Read more

ESC, Day Two on April One

In past years, ZigBee, BlueTooth and WiFi have been hot wireless topics here at ESC, and those radio standards are still around. But the big news this year in wireless seems to be the re-emergence of TRF (Tuned Radio Frequency).... Read more

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