Screaming Circuits: March 2009


Hey - We Won Again

I know. I know. There's been a lot of self-serviing glurge here lately, but that's the way it goes sometimes. We're here at ESC, but we made a quick stop in Las Vegas to stop by and pick up our... Read more

Sore Feet at ESC

I finally got a little time to walk part of the show. The only thing that caught my eye so far is the FreeScale air hockey robot. Supposedly, no one has managed to get a puck in past the robot.... Read more

ESC Rolling, Rolling

We're up and running here at ESC in San Jose. I haven't had a chance to walk the floor yet to see if there's anything interesting. We've been too busy. If you're around, stop in and say "hi". We'll give... Read more

Short-Run Production

Announcing our NEW Screaming Circuits Short-Run Production! Quick and easy production electronic assembly From one to thousands No NRE. No contracts. No commitments Easy file and kit requirements Is Screaming Circuits Short-run production for you? Check it out here Read more

ESC SV in Four Days

Hi all, (especially those on the West Coast). Just a reminder, we'll be at ESC next week. Stop by our booth to hear about our new service offering and get a show special discount code. It's at the McEnery convention... Read more

RoHS temps may still kill RoHS parts

I've written about a few cases where alleged RoHS compliant components don't always hold up in the face of RoHS reality. Our friends over at ECD have been studying the problem and coming up with solutions to best eliminate the... Read more

Embedded Systems Conference details

I've got a few more details on the show - and a discount code. Enter SATI2 when you register to recieve 50% off of your ticket price. The exhibit hall-only pass is still free. Check details and register at the... Read more

Lets Get Small

I’ve been slowly working on this microcontroller board (very slowly) for a while. I’m using PCB123 and some new, very small components to put it together. I’m amazed at the changes that have happened recently in this industry. Change has... Read more

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