Screaming Circuits: February 2009


ESC Here We Come

Soon. Very soon, we'll be down in San Jose again for the Embedded Systems Conference. We'll be in booth number 235 - a 10x20 over on the left side. We'll be announcing an excitng new service at the show too!... Read more

And Another Reason...

Another reason to inspect your PCBs before sending them on to the assembly house. At first glance, these boards looked fine. But with a little closer inspection, you can see that the middle barrel isn't plated through. Bummer. There are... Read more

Paste Dipping Isn't So Bad After All

I've been chatting a bit with Jim Hisert of Indium Corporation about various issues, challenges and changes we in the assembly industry face. Sometimes it's us service providers, sometimes it's OEM manufacturers and sometimes it's material suppliers like Indium that... Read more

PCB123 ZigBee Robots, Part Four

This is the third or fourth in this series. I paused for a while and just picked it back up again. As I eat my soup and write this, it occurs to me that I've given each post a different... Read more

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