Screaming Circuits: January 2009


Oxidized Silver? What do you do???

I've written before about the shelf life of immersion silver PCBs. In that post, I alluded to the possibility of carefully cleaning an oxidized immersion silver pcb but I didn't say how to do it. Sometimes an oxidized board can... Read more

Speaking of Common QFN Issues...

Here is the classic QFN via in pad. It simply isn't possible to solder the center pad properly with that much open via real estate. The best way to deal with this is to fill the holes with something that... Read more

Novel QFN Land Pattern

Because the center land is so much bigger then the side pads, QFN solder paste can be a problem if not handled properly. I've written about options before, but here's another approach. I ran across this QFN land pattern the... Read more

Immersion Silver and Other Lead Free PCB Surfaces

I just had a comment on an old post requesting a little more information on silver surfaced lead free boards. "Hi, im currently doing a project regarding Immersion Silver PCB. Pls share me more info for this kind of finishing... Read more

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