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You Got Peanutbutter in My Chocolate...

FusionQuad No. You got QFN in my QFP...

I got a call the other day from a sales rep, at Practical Components, telling me about a new chip package coming out from Amkor. It's sort of a QFP, with pins all around the outside. But in the middle, it's just like a QFN with a center thermal/ground pad and one or two rows of QFN style lands. Amkor calls it VQFP or FusionQuad®. Pretty wild.

We haven't seen any of these yet. I'm not sure they are even being used by anyone, but it shouldn't be too much longer before they start to show up in microcontrollers and rf products.

[In case you aren't familiar with the two companies: Amkor makes packaging for IC's. Practical Components sells dummy components for test purposes.]

I expect that the layout and assembly challenges for this package will be similar to those of a QFP, a QFN plus a BGA. You'll have to deal with segmenting the solder paste layer in the center pad. You may need vias in pad. You'll have to escape the two center rows of lands out through or under the QFP pins. The QFP pins will come with either .5mm or .4mm pitch.

Like with QFPs, part care will be extra critical too. I expect that the package will be even more sensitive to bent leads than is a standard QFP. If the outside pins are bent too far down, it will be easy to get voiding or un-connected lands in the center. If the outside pins are bent up a bit, it will be easy to get un connected outside pins. Nothing really all that new, but it's a new combination. Fun.

I don't think these are out yet, but if they are, I'd love to hear from anyone that's used one.

Duane Benson
Clean up in aisle six, please


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