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Whether, weather everywhere, but not a drop to drink

Snow 12-15-08 My headline really doesn't make any sense, but with me, that just goes with the program sometimes. We did have some inclement weather here though and I wanted to update those of you that have jobs here. So far, despite the national headlines, we are still working and shipping as though it were a regular day. [UPDATE: We are having delivery problens due to the road conditions. Today has been declared a snow day and some jobs may be late. Weather related days do not count toward your turn-time.] I'll let you know as soon as I can if that changes. Unless it gets worse, Bob, the reindeer will keep on delivering.

I read a news headline that said "Two inches of snow shuts down Portland." It cracks me up. Anywhere else, it would be sometyhing like "thirty six inches of snow shuts down Boston" or "six feet of blowing snow, with 20 foot drifts, white out conditions, and temperatures of minus 45 degrees caused one fender bender in Minneapolis."

Of course, in our defense, it is a different kid of snow and ice here. I know. You always hear that and don't buy it. But the physics will back me up. Our snow and ice tends to happen real close to the freezing / melting point. I found this to illustrate my point:

"The Coefficient of friction for snow or ice is only 0.03 because due to local very high pressure the temperature of water -ice phase transformation is lowered and a layer of water is created. At low temperatures (-40 C and lower) the layer of water is not formed and the coefficient of friction rises to a value normal for two sliding solid surfaces, i.e., 0.7 to 1.2". Tadeusz, Burakowsk and Tadeusz, Wierzchon. Surface Engineering of Metals: Principles, Practices, Technologies. CRC Press, 1999: 143. Referenced from The Physics Factbook™ Edited by Glenn Elert -- Written by his students.

I've been saying "but it's a different kind of snow for thirty years, and finally, I found a reference to back me up. Cool! Also, they don't salt the roads here. We prefer to destroy our cars in one fast crunch (check out this funny from two years ago) rather than slowly rust them out winter after winter.

Duane Benson
Found: One chunk of salt-pork on roadway.


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