Screaming Circuits: December 2008


You Got Peanutbutter in My Chocolate...

No. You got QFN in my QFP... I got a call the other day from a sales rep, at Practical Components, telling me about a new chip package coming out from Amkor. It's sort of a QFP, with pins all... Read more

Back to Normal

The snow is gone and it's 45 degrees and raining this morning. In other words, back to Oregon normal. We'll get the weather caused backlog out as soon as we can and just be rolling as usual. Read more

And so it goes

Our office is open today (Tuesday, the 23rd), but we're still experienceing weather cause delays. Some of the shippers say they are getting in and out but we won't know for sure until they get here. According to the weather... Read more

Closed By the Snow

Okay, this is getting pretty old, but we are closed by the snow today. In know you folks back in Chicago or Boston or wherever can deal with a lot more than we can out here in Oregon, but at... Read more

Flyback Diodes - a Question

A while back, I posted about putting caps in parallel. Sometimes it makes sense to do that either to reduce the effective series resistance (ESR) or to better respond to different frequencies of ripple, spikes or distortion. But here is... Read more

Weather Slowdown

It's getting better. The Canby schools are open today and so are we. Hopefully, we'll be able to get everything out on time. However, the Weather Service still has a winter storm warning for the Portland area in effect though.... Read more

Weather Shutdown

Due to inclement weather (specifically, snow and freezing rain), Screaming Circuits is closed today. The snow and ice have made it unsafe for our crews to drive. We have declared today (1/11/17) to be a snow-closure day. Unfortunately because of... Read more

IMPORTANT BULLETIN: Weather Caused Delays

BULLETIN: The snow and ice are causing deliver and shipment problems now. We have declared today and tomorrow (12/15/08 and 12/16/08) to be snow-closure days. We will still do our best to ship your jobs, but unfortunately because of the... Read more

End of Year Turn-Key Special

Hey all - we're going to try and give you some help with your finances. For turn-key orders placed and confirmed by 12/31/2008 [Through 1/31/09 - Update: Because of the snow, we're extending this through the end of January], we'll... Read more

Whether, weather everywhere, but not a drop to drink

My headline really doesn't make any sense, but with me, that just goes with the program sometimes. We did have some inclement weather here though and I wanted to update those of you that have jobs here. So far, despite... Read more

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