Screaming Circuits: October 2008


ZigBee, Part Two

I like the ZigBee module from Microchip that I wrote about below. But theory and practice aren't always the same, so I've ordered two of the modules to try out. In my spare time, I sometimes build little robots and... Read more

Easy ZigBee

I did run over to the Microchip booth. I've always been a PIC guy myself for my own little projects. Wireless has always been a lot tougher than any other form of communication (insert "duh" here) but this thing from... Read more

Giant Blue People at the ESC Show

I haven't had a lot of time to walk the show floor yet so I don't know what's really new and exciting, or if there is, in fact, anything new and exciting. But, I did see a giant dancing blue... Read more

Trade Show secrets

I've been to a lot of trade shows. Mostly as an exhibitor, but do remember the days when I went as an attendee only. That was almost a lifetime ago. I was at the West Coast Computer Faire when the... Read more

ESC - Waiting as usual

It's setup day for ESC Boston and that means waiting. Some of our boxes are here, but the booth it's self isn't. It always seems to end up this way. If a box or crate is missing, it's the booth.... Read more

LGA Modules and Footprints

We see a lot of newer power components - DC to DC converters, boost and buck type things in modules these days. They're getting more and more common with the POL (point of load) practice trends these days. Modules are... Read more

Pilgrimage to the Embedded Systems Conference

We're going to the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston and we'll be in Booth #517 on October 28th-29th. Come see us. It'll be fun. You can enter our fun contest and maybe win a cool LED Screaming Circuits flashlight and... Read more

Silk on Pad

We've written about things on or in pads before. Mostly vias in pads. But this is something less common: silk screen on pads. It does happen. In fact, I wrote about it just the other day. This one though is... Read more

QFN / QFP switcheroo

Here's an all too familiar face. We see this a lot with chips that have both a QFP (quad flat pack)and a QFN (quad flat pack, no leads) package. Especially if the QFP packaged part has been around for a... Read more

Financial Fear and Uncertanty

I'm really old. I remember Black Monday back in 1987 when we all thought the business world was coming to an end. I was working for a company called Metheus at the time, making high resolution graphics systems. I remember... Read more

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