Screaming Circuits: September 2008


Shutdown on October 3rd

Hi all; Our factory floor will be shutdown this Friday, October 3rd to get ready to add in a new set of assembly machines. We will be back to work over the weekend so the disruption should be minimal. Please... Read more

Chrome and Safari browsers

Hi all; Many of you may have heard that Google just released a new web browser called Chrome. It's kind of cool. I've played with it a bit, but as far as I'm concerned, for the most part a browser... Read more

Zap Goes the Large Hadron Collider

And, we're still here! Well, of course we are. They didn't actually collide anything today. All of the conspiracy theorists and doom sayers will have to wait a while for the earth to be swallowed up by a black hole.... Read more

Top-Ten reasons to use Screaming Circuits

Hi all - I've been a bit swamped lately and haven't been posting as regularly as I would like to. Hopefully I'll be getting more useful tidbits out there again soon. In the meantime, I'll through out a little marketing... Read more

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