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New Machines

Selective_solder_machine_int_400 We've just added an exciting new piece of equipment. All of the attention these days goes to surface mount and tiny, tiny parts. We do a whole lot of those but we all still deal with a lot of through-hole parts too.

We see a lot of through hole connectors. That's probably the most common things we get with pointy leads. We still see through-hole DIP ICs, passives, LEDs and things of that sort too.

Most of those through-hole parts were previously hand-soldered here. Sometimes we'll send them through the wave. Now, we have a third option. We've recently added a new selective solder machine. This allows for more accurate and faster soldering of a good mix of components on boards that don't lend themselves to being wave soldered. It will helpe us improve our quality and keep up with turn-times.

Duane Benson
You know the nearer your depletion, the more you're selective soldering away


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I too agree with you selective soldering machine really very helpful for mixing of components.

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