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0201 and The Blind Via

0201 size passives can help drop down a PCB form factor, but to really get the most compression, you need to get rid of all of the traces.

One way would be to put little transceivers on each lead of the part. In fact, if you did that, you wouldn't even need a PCB. You could just dump all of the parts in a little bag. But, you'd then have to come put with a whole new protocol, a way of transmitting power, yada, yada, yada. Okay. In my dreams.

But, you can get rid of the traces - or at least hide them with blind and buried vias. (Note - don't even think about using open vias. Don't - even - think - about - it!!!) Get a real good board house and have all of your traces inside of the PCB connected to the pads with blind vias. You can scrunch that board down real good, or just use all the extra space for a handy, dandy ground plane.

Something to consider though: It's tough enough to build a board like this and rework is really, really icky. Make sure you leave enough space for assembly and be very careful to avoid problems that would cause rework.

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Hi Peter; I think it's just the folks you're talking to. Some of the discount shops limit the inner layers like that. You might try Sunstone.com. They have decent prices and don't have those same sort of inner layer restrictions.

4 Layer PCB designs for high density BGA layouts ?
I have an i.MX21 processor, 289 pin BGA with 0.6mm pich pads, I only use Eagle for PCb layout and am a hobbyist, its bad enough trying to route this device using a 4 layer PCB but the two manufacturers I've talked to are not open to me using all four layers to route traces from the pads to the two standard trace layers of the PCB, they only want power and ground on the power and ground layers... id this a hard and fast rule or am I just talking to the wrong people ?

Hi Timothy - This stuff never ceases to amaze me. I see new things all the time and I'm still blown away by a lot of it.

Sun Microsystems has been working on IC designs that actually have "transceivers" in them. In order to scrunch many ICs close together you need to eliminate the traces as you said. I believe Sun was investigating capacitive coupline between ICs right next to each other and not use traces for the signals.

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