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Solder Lug vs. PC Mount

Solder_lug_vs_pc_mount_2 It can happen to the best of us. This is just a quick little cautionary tale about package form-factors. The CAD part footprint is most likely as intended here. But, the part is clearly a solder lug part where a PC mount version was called for.

It's also possible that a relay socket is supposed to be mounted onto the PCB so the relay can later be plugged into it. In either case, a quick form-factor vs. land pad check could have prevented this sad situation.

I think this is an LY suffix relay. I'm not totally sure without the part or part number in front of me, but close enough for this discussion. If it is, I found the PC mount socket in Digi-Key for $1.48. The same catalog page also had a PC mount version of the relay so either way, socket or different part, this is a fairly easy, but still annoying problem to fix.

Duane Benson
Can you fit a slot lug into a round hole?


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Hey Stephen - I think that's a very good suggestion. More documentation on the schematic and physically setting the part on a 1:1 printout would definitely go a long ways toward preventing this problem.

My suggestion is to always get a sample of any new part and lay it onto a 1:1 print of the footprint. With so many new footprints these days, it's easy to perfectly layout a 4mm QFN when a 5mm QFN footprint is needed, and a real solder miracle to prototype. In the case of the socketed relay, the schematic should call out the socket (with a note as to what goes into the socket) and the next level of assembly should call out the relay. Do you agree?

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