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Order Status Emails and eMail Filters

Hi all;

When you place an order with us, we send out periodic status updates via email. We also send you any questions that way. If we don't get an answer to these questions, your job might be delayed, so they are pretty important emails.

We've been finding more and more cases where these emails are blocked by corporate spam filters. We send these notifications from orders@screamingcircuits.com. We only used this address for your job status updates to you, so if you are doing business with us, you should make sure that this address is whitelisted or not blocked by your company spam filters.

Don't worry about getting other mail from us on this address. Our newsletters come from a different address: sales@screamingcircuits.com and you can always opt out of that from your "My Accounts" page on our website or from the bottom of the newsletter.

Duane Benson
but I don't like Spam!


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