Screaming Circuits: June 2008


Funky Footprints

Parts with uneven solder pads cause headaches on a fairly regular basis when matched with PCB land patterns that don't also follow the uneven dimensions. The actual layout, as seen on the left, won't work too well. The surface tension... Read more

Solder Lug vs. PC Mount

It can happen to the best of us. This is just a quick little cautionary tale about package form-factors. The CAD part footprint is most likely as intended here. But, the part is clearly a solder lug part where a... Read more

Via in Pad - Right and Wrong

Here's a pretty simple via-in-pad example that has both good and bad. It's an SOIC-8 so it's a pretty big part. It's not super roomy, but there is plenty of space on the PCB to do things a little different.... Read more

Let's Get Small

I was just doing some research about the character of the boards we assemble here at Screaming Circuits and some of the data is pretty interesting. I looked at work we've done from 2005 until now and split out the... Read more

Spock Help Me Find A Product Manager

Well, it wasn't actually Spock. It was Leonard Nimoy and the TV show "In Search of..." sought out things much more interesting then new employees. Well, unless you happen to be a good product manager and are looking for a... Read more

Footprint Mismatch, Part II

A question just came in about the "Footprint Dimension Mismatch" post below: "One thing that always makes me wonder is that, despite the footprint mismatch, does this still fall within IPC Class II standards? As far as I know, that's... Read more

Order Status Emails and eMail Filters

Hi all; When you place an order with us, we send out periodic status updates via email. We also send you any questions that way. If we don't get an answer to these questions, your job might be delayed, so... Read more

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