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Funky Footprints

Parts with uneven solder pads cause headaches on a fairly regular basis when matched with PCB land patterns that don't also follow the uneven dimensions.

The actual layout, as seen on the left, won't work too well. The surface tension of the molten solder will act on the bigger surface area of the pad on the left and cause the part to shift to the left during reflow. That can lead to reliability issues. In some similar cases, it can also lead to shorts with nearby components or mechanical structures. This part will end up pretty close to the cut-out edge and something structural there could interfere or hit and stress the mechanical bond.


In the simulated, more betterer landing pad on the right in the red box, both pad sizes on the PCB match in size both of the solder areas on the part. This way, surface tension will act equally on both sides and the part will stay right where it's supposed to.

Duane Benson
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Yes. Much morer betterer. :-)

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