Screaming Circuits: April 2008


ESC - LeCroy

LeCroy, booth 642, had an eye catching display. They have a Nintendo Wii with Guitar Hero playing on it. That's cool on its own, but wouldn't be relevant except that they are probing the I2C with one of their GHz... Read more

ESC - No, We're Not Done Yet

Day two is going okay and keeping us pretty busy. We've talked to a lot of folks and picked out our booth space for next year. We'll be in booth 3912 in the South hall. We'll be just inside the... Read more

ESC - My Mom Would Say...

She'd say "you're going to electrocute yourself." Duane Benson We need more cables! Read more

ESC - Luminary micro

I'm big on the robotic type applications. It fits too because robots are just embedded systems that move. Right? Luminary Micro designs and manufactures Arm Cortex-M3 processors. I'm not familiar with the specific details for the Cortex-M3 implementation, but I... Read more

ESC - RadiSys Robot demostration

I found another cool thing over at the RadiSys booth. They use an Intel Dual core processor and run half of it powered by embedded Windows and the other half of powered by with Linux. Dual core and dual OS.... Read more

ESC - National Instruments

I spoke with Jamie at National Instruments, booth 1508, about just about the coolest way to distribute show premiums I've ever seen. They're showcasing a new version of LabView for Arm processors. It brings all of that power down to... Read more

Sunstone is Here Too

The show is on and engineers are starting to come by. We also have two folks here from our board fab partner, Sunstone Circuits. That's Lee and Nolan there. I'm not telling who is who. You have to stop by... Read more

ESC Go time!

We have a booth. We have staff. We're ready to go. The show starts in about ten minutes and we're jazzed up! Well, most of us are. I'm tired and hungry. I've had a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast. That's... Read more

ESC - Day 0.128

Well, I'm here and unlike in past years (here and here), ALL of my boxes are here too. We've got a bigger booth this year (#1944), at 10x20 instead of a 10x10 and we're also inside the hall for the... Read more

On The Way To San Jose

A scene being repeated all over the West coast... I'm sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to San Jose. I had to get up at 4:00am to get here on time and I'm tired. I'll get down there... Read more

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