Screaming Circuits: February 2008


A Working Power Component Footprint

A couple of days ago, I wrote about a TO-263 footprint that caused the part to slide up almost off of the legs. Here are two examples of a footprints (or should it be "feetprint"?) that will work just fine.... Read more

The Next Big Idea?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than half a million new businesses open every year in this country. Granted some of them are pizza parlors and carpet cleaners, but a lot of them are start-ups put together by an... Read more

Ouch! Shipping Can Hurt.

There really isn't much you can say about this other than what I said in the post title. (although, I'll probably end up saying a lot more than just "ouch") I don't know what kind of parts were in here... Read more

Power Components and Surface Tension

Another Parts Library issue Surface tension can be quite handy. For one thing, without surface tension, water bugs wouldn't be able to skip along the surface of a pond. They'd sink like a rock straight to the bottom and frogs... Read more

LED Via-In-Pad

Darn, darn, darn. More vias in those pads. It kinda makes the LEDs look prettier without any solder on those pads, but it won't make them light up any more reliable - and light emitting diode that doesn't emit any... Read more

Modules and Daughter Boards.

We ran across an interesting part the other day. Modular sub-components are getting more and more common. You see bluetooth radios in module form, ZigBee radios, GPSs, Power Supplies and other common building blocks showing up like this more and... Read more

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OSP PCB Finish Problems

OSP (Organic Surface preservative, not Oregon State Patrol) isn't all that commonly seen in our shop. It has been a pretty common pcb finish for high-volume, low-cost products for quite a while and I've heard that it's starting to show... Read more

Rain Isn't So Bad

I can get pretty tired of the rain and drizzle out here in Oregon. Sometimes it seems like we spend half the year living through 40 degrees and raining. Yuck. Nothing bad, as you can see in this photo of... Read more

Restoring Immersion Sliver PCBS?

I've written before about immersion silver finished boards and some of the challenges associated with that technology. It's a popular choice for RoHS these days because it's inexpensive compared to some of the others, has a nice planar surface and,... Read more

Turn-Key Prototype Electronic Assembly Order

Tutorial on placing a Turn-Key assembly order with Screaming Circuits: With a kitted quote, you send us the pcbs and parts and we build up the assembly for you. With a turn-key order, you just send us your files and... Read more

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