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Thru-Hole Parts Can Have Footprint Problems Too

It Happens with thru-hole parts too. See what I meant a couple of posts ago. I get on a subject and can't drop it. (see this and this).Sw1_wrong_footprint_2

Usually when I talk about parts library issues or footprint issues, I'm referring to tiny QFNs or new exotic chip scale parts or things like that. I can happen with old things too. As I pointed out the the Omron relay, the other day, even bigger older parts can have library issues. The thru-hole switch is a good example. It looks like the footprint is on a .1 inch pitch and the switch pins are at .09 or a metric pitch. It's interesting that the tabs on the outside of the part are in the right spot, even though the pins aren't.

I have found a lot of both switches and relays with non-standard footprints. So if you don't find the exact part number in your component library and substitute something close, make sure to double check for fit before sending the boards out for fab or assembly.

Duane Benson
Is it "thru-" or "through-"?


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