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Library Borken Record

I seem to get on themes and just not let go. This is only my second parts library post lately, but maybe I'm starting a run or something. Who knows.

Relay_footprintAnyway, here's another parts library oopsie. The top two pins on the little 1Amp Omron relay have a different pitch then the rest. The other six almost fit on a standard .1" pitch DIP footprint. Not quite, but close. The part doesn't even really have a metric pitch, at least not an even one. The big gap is 3.2mm or .12 inch. The other gaps are 2.2mm or .09 inch. Nothing standard of any sort.

We did make this work for prototype purposes, but you never know if doing this will work. It wouldn't have been difficult for the part to have ended up with the first two pins not connected to anything. Here's a case where it would have been much better to (and for production you would have to) either hunt down the right library or make a custom one.

Duane Benson
If I borken, I is okay with it.


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Hi nospam - I get so used to thinking in metric and mills, that sometimes I forget about fractions, and I actually remember when we used to do most work in fractions. It certainly would be a much more reliable assembly if someone had taken the time to make sure the pads were spaced right

Er ... it just looks like 1/8" and 3/32" spacing to me. It looks more like someone not paying attention to the actual relay spec ... or just didn't care and figured the next guy in line (ie, you) would fix the problem (and you did). Gotta love these kids and their CAD systems. Fast, fast, fast! "See Boss! Off my desk in record time! Now can I go play?"

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