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Kitted vs. Turn-key assembly

Which is right for you?

If you're familiar with us, you probably well know what a kitted job is. Most of our orders come in that way. For those of you new to Screaming Circuits:

A kitted job is where you send us your files, all the parts and the empty pc boards. It's the easiest way to go. You quote the assembly only on our handy quote page - that will show you exactly what it's going to cost. Shipping is extra and if you need any non-standard or special services, they will be extra. But, for the vast majority of jobs, what you see in the on line quote is what you pay for the job.

Quote it, answer a few more questions, up load your files and ship us the kit. If everything is in order, we'll start your turn-time clock  then morning we get your kit. (check out our terms for exact information).


The turn-key is easier for you all around, but the quote process is a bit more awkward.

We like you to go through the labor quote process first, just like for a kitted job. Then go ahead and place the order but in the special instructions, clearly note that this is for a turn-key quote and not a kitted order. We'll give you a call, work out all the details and get back to you with a full quote in about a day.

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Interesting! How much it will cost me though?

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