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Is PCB Assembly Del.icio.us?

Mmmm... Mom's delicious pumpkin pie...

Sorry. No, that's not the delicious that I'm talking about. I'm referring to the social book marking site del.icio.us. Do any of you use it? If you're not familiar with it, it's kind of like Internet Explorer's "Favorites" but portable and on steroids, but with out all th heart-damage risks of real steroids.

On of the cool things is that when you save a site to del.icio.us, you add tags, which can then lead you to other similar sites that you've saved. So if you have a bunch of game sites saved and a bunch Screaming Circuits pages saved, you click on the "pcb" tag and it filters and only shows the Screaming Circuits pages.

It also lets you know who else has saved those pages so you can go and see what other interesting and related things they have saved. You can turn off the public sharing of bookmarks, but it's a pretty cool feature. If you want to see what we've saved, you can go to del.icio.us/screaming.people.

If you want to save any of our blog articles, we have a "save to del.icio.us" link right at the bottom of every article.

Duane Benson
Delicious and nutritious


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Hi Ben - I use delicious like you do. Mostly so I can find my own bookmarks between work and home computers. I've got like five computers at home and this makes bookmarking actually useable.

Jered uses it more like I described in the blog posting - he'll follow bookmark thread all over the place.

I use delicious on a daily basis to share my favorites between my work computer, home computer, and laptop.

The socail aspect is nice, but I mainly use it to share links with myself.

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