Screaming Circuits: January 2008


Kitted vs. Turn-key assembly

Which is right for you? If you're familiar with us, you probably well know what a kitted job is. Most of our orders come in that way. For those of you new to Screaming Circuits: A kitted job is where... Read more

Library Oopsies Again

Google is hilarious sometimes. (I'll get to the point of the post in a minute) I've got two more examples of parts-libraries gone wrong. One of the parts is an SO-8 wide but I wanted to do a quick double... Read more

Eagle CAD and Sunstone

Our pcb fab partners up the road just released a set of design rule files (.DRU) files for use with the Eagle schematic and PCB layout editor. The design rules set allows Eagle users to consider Sunstone's manufacturing rules early... Read more

Thru-Hole Parts Can Have Footprint Problems Too

It Happens with thru-hole parts too. See what I meant a couple of posts ago. I get on a subject and can't drop it. (see this and this). Usually when I talk about parts library issues or footprint issues, I'm... Read more

New Look for the Blog

It's a new look for the blog, but the same old, tired content... Ah... I mean the same great content. Yeah. That's what I meant. The blog is now integrated into our website. You can go back and forth using... Read more

Library Borken Record

I seem to get on themes and just not let go. This is only my second parts library post lately, but maybe I'm starting a run or something. Who knows. Anyway, here's another parts library oopsie. The top two pins... Read more

Is PCB Assembly

Mmmm... Mom's delicious pumpkin pie... Sorry. No, that's not the delicious that I'm talking about. I'm referring to the social book marking site Do any of you use it? If you're not familiar with it, it's kind of like... Read more

Parts Library Strikes Again

Here's a little bit of a parts library or wrong package problem. I'm not exactly sure how it happened. The board may have been laid out for a small QFP footprint but then a QFN part was purchased. The footprint... Read more

5 Basic Steps to a Successful PCB Layout - Part 5

This is the fifth and final of five parts from guest blogger, Stilwell Baker, covering successful PCB layout. Last week they covered pcb fabrication. Know your Assembler: Why layout a board that’s hard to assemble when you can just ask... Read more

Happy New year!

So, I wrote this blog post about the new year and how things went in 2006. Then I blinked and here it is January of 2008 already. I'm sure 2007 had all of the standard 365 days in it but... Read more

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