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5 Basic Steps to a Successful PCB Layout - Part 5

This is the fifth and final of five parts from guest blogger, Stilwell Baker, covering successful PCB layout. Last week they covered pcb fabrication.

Know your Assembler: Why layout a board that’s hard to assemble when you can just ask your assembler?

  • A working prototype that’s hard to build will need modifications for high volume production. What if those modifications impact performance, compliance, or safety?
  • Obtain the design guidelines from the assembler that you pick, and pass that on to the layout resource.
  • Involve your assembler early in the layout of a design. Involving the assembler early in your design can help save you time and money during this process. Assembly can provide input on panelizing, component location and rotation, and the soldering process (ie reflow, wave, selective wave, …)
  • Again, if you are creating a design that will be sent to a different assembler for production level assembly, make sure that you know what their capabilities are, and you are accounting for that in your prototype design.

Here at Screaming Circuits, we handle the assembly for you. It's a very important part of the process, but only one part of it. As discussed by our Friends at Stilwell Baker, there is a lot consider through the design, layout, fab and assembly process. Look carefully at all of the steps as you put your layout together and the whole process will be easier and more reliable for you as well.


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can u tell me simulation and layout tools in pcb design....

can u tell me basic steps for pcb design plz....

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