Screaming Circuits: November 2007


Surface Mount EMI Gaskets

Here's an interesting board. EMI gaskets have been around for a long time. Some are foam. Some are springy metal and some are wire braid. They all do the same things though - create a seal between your EMI source... Read more

A Little Pad In That Via

Here's an interesting via-in-pad situation we ran across a while ago. I'm not sure what the chip is. Probably a processor or an FPGA that generates a bit of heat. The intention with the layout was on the right track.... Read more

Copper and Tombstoning

Earlier this week, I wrote about the effect soldermask can have on tombstoning and I referred back to two older posts on the subject of tombstoning. I also wanted to refer back to a third tombstoning-related post that talked about... Read more

Soldermask and Tombstoning

Tombstoning isn't too much of a problem for us or most of our customers theses days, but it still does happen for a variety of reasons. For example: Vias in one smt pad can cause tombstoning or other similar problems... Read more

Holiday Closure

We will be closed on November 22rd and 23th, 2007. This means that those days won't be counted toward your turn times. For example, if you have asked for a 48 hour turn time and we receive your kit on... Read more

Passives and Via In Pad

Are you tired of this topic yet? Myself, I'm a bit scatterbrained so I can pretty much talk about the same thing forever. And, I can repeat myself and not even feeling like I'm being redundant or repeating myself. I'm... Read more

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