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Sometimes You Need the Hole

Plugged_lead_holeI've spent so many posts discussing how to avoid putting vias, open holes, in your pads. Sometimes though, the opposite happens. Here's just one more reason to take a good look at your layout before sending it off for fab and assembly.

I'm not sure how this happened and from the photo, I'm not really sure if it's a TO-220, TO-247 or ME-262 part. In any case, because the annular rings are so small, I suspect that it was a custom created library part. It's possible that an error was made when creating the component. More likely, I'd guess that an SMT pad was manually put down on one leg to indicate pin one, and the CAD package or the board house ended up choosing the SMT pad over the hole.

It's a very odd looking thing though, without an easy solution. Just another reason for a good design check before sending the files out for board fab and before sending the boards out for assembly. It's possible that this would have looked okay in the CAD package, so a check of the boards before assembly could same some money and time even if it wasn't caught before fab.

Duane Benson
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