Screaming Circuits: October 2007


PBGA and counterfeit parts

Commonly held wisdom tells us that "PBGA" is an acronym for "Plastic Ball Grid Array." The "Plastic" refers to the material used to encase the silicon substrate and serve as the mechanical support for the component. In most cases, we... Read more

The Evils of Parts Libraries

Well, maybe "evil" is too strong of a word, but it sometimes seems fitting, given the amount of grief caused by parts libraries in CAD packages. Sometimes it's because the part isn't in the library. Sometimes it's because the solder... Read more

Lead-free pcb finishes

RoHS became Euro-law more than a year ago but it seems like the Industry still hasn't agreed on what an ideal RoHS pcb finish might be. Part of the problem is that we aren't just dealing with RoHS issues these... Read more

Degree in Robotics Engineering

I have a lot of interest in robotics and have posted a bit on the subject before. Last month, at the Embedded Systems Conference, in Boston, I ran across a professor from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I wasn't familiar with the... Read more

Sometimes You Need the Hole

I've spent so many posts discussing how to avoid putting vias, open holes, in your pads. Sometimes though, the opposite happens. Here's just one more reason to take a good look at your layout before sending it off for fab... Read more


We like to give tours here at Screaming Circuits. Unfortunately, we can't give too many tours because then we'd be spending all our time showing the place instead of building boards. Also, most of you don't live here so you... Read more


Don't do this! Friends don't let friends wire wrap. Duane Benson Which wire? The blue one. Read more

Prototyping with Multi Layer Boards

a guest post by Nolan Johnson of Sunstone Circuits (PCBexpress) Over here at Sunstone Circuits, we’ve been tracking the increased use of a technique with which many of our PCB123 users have been prototyping. It’s an interesting development that also... Read more

Top-ten Reasons for Via in Pad

Okay, so it's really just a top-seven. I hope you don't feel cheated. If you do, then go here and read more about via-in pad. Now, here are the top-seven reasons for putting vias in pads: #7. Grounding the center... Read more

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