Screaming Circuits: September 2007


High Speed Layout & Parallel Caps

When I started designing things, I used a 20MHz scope to debug a 2MHz processor. Sometimes it was a cheap 5MHz Heathkit scope on a now ancient LM741 op Amp. Digikey still sells the same National Semiconductor part in DIP-8... Read more

Via in BGA pad again

Here's another example (click image to enlarge) of a via in pad situation we don't like; A large number of vias in the BGA land pads. They're pretty big via holes too. The component manufacturer will tell you not to... Read more

New and Tiny

I was too busy for most of the Embedded Systems conference to go out and really study the exhibit hall but I did find a few things interesting. For those of you working in the sensor arena, I ran across... Read more

ESC Go time!

Show floor. day one. We're set, just waiting for all the attendees. Drop by and see us in booth 1131 if you're here at the show. I'm not sure what else is here, but I'll look around and hopefully find... Read more

Embedded Systems Conference, Boston 07

I left Portland for Boston via Newark sometime last night. I don't remember exactly when but I know I didn't sleep more than about 20 minutes during the overnight flight. Any of you that have flown coach lately know why.... Read more

One Year of Screaming and Blogging

Yes, that's right. Today is the one-year anniversary of the Screaming Circuits blog. Granted, that first post was nothing special. It just made some obvious statement like "Hey we have a blog". But, we did and we still do. In... Read more

Dispatches from OktoberBest

All set with the show just about ready to start. We've got one of our sponsored organizations here with us, The Portland State Aerospace Society (PSAS). That's them in the photo getting ready to show their rocket guidance system to... Read more

OctoberBest 2007

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area and would enjoy an early Oktoberfest with beer, brats and maybe learn a new thing or two, come to the OktoberBest trade show on September 12th. We will be there in booth... Read more

Read more

Bent SMT pins

Protect those pins! It's nice to be flexible, right? We know that most of you like to order parts in cut strips to save money, or you have a short strip left over from a prior job. That's cool. We're... Read more

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